South Side Learning & Development Center Announces Innovative Leadership Change.


Columbus, OH – South Side Learning & Development Center (SSLDC), is pleased to announce that Colin McGinnis has been chosen to succeed 30-year veteran Roberta Bishop as its next Executive Director. SSLDC provides comprehensive programs that promote the positive intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each child in our care.

“As a specialist in early childhood development and education, I know how important high-quality early learning is to the growth of the children, but also to the growth and development of the community.  I am looking forward to working with others in Central Ohio who care about finding opportunities to work together to strengthen our communities for all families,” said Colin.

Colin is a rising star in the nonprofit world and is currently a doctoral candidate in Psychological Studies of Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an expected completion in Spring 2019.  He specialized in Developmental and Learning Sciences and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University.  Prior to joining SSLDC, Colin served as Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research for Being Black at School, a national nonprofit organization advocating for educational equity for students and families.

“We are looking forward to the innovative vision that Colin has for South Side Learning & Development Center.  We are also grateful to have Roberta Bishop’s continuing support while taking the lead with community advocacy and outreach and want to congratulate Roberta and her team for building a reputation of excellence for our 5-Star Step Up to Quality Center.   After 45 years with South Side, she will now have an opportunity to apply her experience and expertise for all of Central Ohio’s early learning community, in addition for SSLDC,” stated Mary Cusick.

Colin joins the award-winning staff and teachers at SSLDC, which began serving children on the South Side 96 years ago as Columbus’ first South Side Day Nursery.  Under the 30+ year leadership of Roberta Bishop, SSLDC has become an organization that families trust to help support their educational needs.  Colin will continue this legacy by working with community leaders to develop opportunities that will help families thrive while their children become kindergarten ready.