South Side Learning & Development Center Is Awarded Grant To Support Food Program!


South Side Learning & Development Center (SSLDC), is thrilled to announce that the Harry C. Moores Foundation has awarded SSLDC a $17,000 grant to support our Family-Style Meal Program!

“Many of our students have food insecurities in that they aren’t always sure where their next nutritious meal is coming from.  At our Center, students are fortunate to have two meals and a snack freshly prepared on site by MidOhio Foodbank’s Roots Kitchen and served family-style.  We know that good nutrition helps children focus on learning, instead of hungry tummies and eating family-style provides many learning opportunities,” stated Colin McGinnis, SSLDC Executive Director.  For instance, students learn:

  • Basic manners – using utensils, remaining seated while eating, politely asking friends to pass the food or drinks;

  • Independence - learning to serve themselves and pour drinks, as well as experiencing foods that are new to them;

  • How to stay healthy - washing hands before and after eating, coughing into an elbow, placing used dishes into a sink;

  • How to engage in conversation - asking questions, following directions, discussing food groups.

  • Mealtime also provides time to practice fine and gross motor skills by setting a table, folding napkins, or pouring liquids.

  • Math skills can be built when children count and compare the number of food items at the table.  

“This grant award will enable us to continue making sure our students are getting the nutrition they need while eating family-style,” continued Executive Director, Colin McGinnis.  The Harry C. Moores Foundation has been a longtime champion of education and partnerships that benefit underserved populations and we are incredibly grateful for their support!”