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The Value of Play

I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what my core values are—the things that get me up each morning, that keep me authentic, that drive the work that I do. While whittling through a list of what felt like a hundred words such as “authenticity,” “balance,” “trustworthiness,” and “wisdom” I was able to settle on innovation and justice as my #3 and #2 values, however nothing else on the list seemed to connect. Frustrated with the process, and without second thought, I opened an app on my phone and began to play a game. Then it clicked.

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We Changed Our Name. Here’s Why.

Last spring, we worked with MBA students from Otterbein to assess our brand to best position ourselves with our stakeholders and community. Working from the recommendations presented from that work, we are proud to reveal our new brand. The new logo is a celebration of all that we do. Celebrating our move to the Reeb Avenue Center in 2015, we incorporated the “yellow house” you will see frequently around our school. The children of every age, color and gender symbolize those we serve every day. 

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