SSEL Advocates for ALL children living in Central Ohio!

South Side Early Learning stands with the Human Service Chamber in opposing the cessation of the Refugee Resettlement Program being recommended. “As a school grounded in anti-bias education the diversity of our community is important in assuring that every child benefits from a holistic education. As such, it is our belief that all families have the right to move to and live in Central Ohio – the best place for children and families to live, learn, and grow,” stated Colin McGinnis, SSEL CEO.

Time matters - there are only 2,000 days in a young learner’s life where we can impact them the most. This is the time in which their brains will develop more than any other time in their life and every influence being experienced – both positive and negative – can determine their future life’s success. During the most critical time for brain development, these children being impacted by resettlement have already experienced trauma beyond what most of us will face in our entire lives.

We implore you to contact your legislator and let him or her know that you oppose this cessation, as well. While we are not close enough for Lady Liberty's torch to light the way, we can support her famous words that have given so many hope, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Together, we can advocate for ALL young learners and their families, but especially those coming from other countries and are struggling the most; those refugees simply seeking a home where they can live, learn, grow, and breathe free. Please stand with us and contact your legislator today.

AdvocacyCindy Carlton