Early Education Workforce Development Initiative

It’s Time We commit to our Early Educators.

Early childhood educators are essential to the health and development of children. A cornerstone of local and state economies, the early childhood sector not only provides many jobs, it also enables parents to work while their young children are cared for. However, the compensation for early childhood educators does not match their social and economic importance.

For example, the living wage in Columbus, OH, for a single parent of two is $57,720 annually. While the average K-12 educator earns $63,589, those employed as preschool teachers only take in an alarming $23,792, not even half the living wage. Low compensation, stress, and lack of resources, lead to challenges recruiting and retaining skilled early childhood educators. We can do better.


South Side Early Learning is launching the Early Education Workforce Development Initiative (EEdWDI) to rethink the way we train, compensate, and support early educators. EEdWDI will call on public, private, and nonprofit partners to join together around six pillars: workforce development, recruitment and retention, compensation, leadership, finance, and data usage.

Join SSEL and take the pledge to support our educators. To learn more about EEdWDI, contact our team today.

Invest in Early Educators