How to Help

South Side Learning & Development Center provides high quality early learning experiences to Columbus’ most vulnerable children and families. Learn about ways you can give back below.


Volunteer your Time

Babies Rock Volunteer – Spend time in our infant and toddler room assisting teachers in rocking, holding and feeding infants.

Teacher’s Volunteer – Assist our teachers in all aspects of the learning environment including playground play, circle time and at activity stations.

Full Bellies, Full Minds Volunteer – Help deliver meals to classrooms and assist teachers around the table during our shared, family-style meals program “Full Bellies, Full Minds.”

Office Buddy/Greeter – Join the administrative team for a day and assume the role as greeter in the SSLDC front lobby. Meet families as they come into the center and help our various departments with administrative tasks.

Family Services Center Workshops – Assist the Family Services Center team as they provide workshops and programs to strengthen SSLDC families.

Lend Us Your Talents – Are you a master in the garden, love to paint, or can rock out on a guitar? Our team is eager to find ways to incorporate your talents into our programming.

Every minute you give back to the children of South Side Learning & Development means more than you can ever imagine. Thank you in advance for your support!

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scholarship fund

Contribute to our Scholarship Fund that helps hardworking SSLDC Families make sure their child receives the education he or she deserves.

Many of our programs offer state and local subsidies that help offset the costs of these programs. While these subsidies are based on income, we have families just barely unable to qualify for any assistance.

These families are doing everything right - working or going to school, but because they make just a little too much for subsidies, they aren’t able to enroll their child in a class. When you’re already living in poverty, it can be difficult and sometimes baffling to hear, “You make too much to qualify for free or reduced tuition rates.”

This fund helps close that financial gap so that families in this type of situation will have an opportunity to receive the high-quality education that every child deserves!

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Family Crisis fund

By contributing to this fund, you are helping to provide immediate assistance to families facing a financial crisis.

For instance, if a family is struggling to pay their utility bills and asks the utility company for a plan to help, typically, that utility bill must be current before a plan can be put into place. This ends up being a lose-lose situation for a family that can barely make the payment, let alone pay it up to being current!

This emergency fund would offer a one-time opportunity to assist a family in financial crisis so that their needs can be met and they can avoid having utilities turned off or avoiding a situation that might leave them homeless.