South Side Early Learning (SSEL) is Columbus’ early Childhood nonprofit

Since 1922, South Side Early Learning has been helping empower the children and families of Franklin County. For nearly a century, we have been located on Reeb Avenue serving more than 10,000 children and their families. In 2015, after being a catalyst for the creation of the Reeb Avenue Center, SSEL became the anchor tenant in this, “Hub of Hope.”

As Columbus’ early childhood nonprofit, SSEL offers more than just high-quality early childhood education. Using our holistic approach and Family Service Center, we are able to impact families and help them reach their full potential with support related to career and job training services, adult education, and social services. We know that if the family isn’t thriving, the children won’t thrive or be able to focus at school.

Additionally, through our innovative approaches, such as our Early Education Workforce Development Initiative, SSEL is providing opportunities that will help peer organizations become sustainable, early childhood educators thrive in their profession, and children and families have even more opportunities for success.

SSEL’s social enterprise, NUDL, is changing the face of what we know about high-quality early education and a child’s first 2,000 days. Our research institutes provide researchers with opportunities to observe and learn more about the impact of high-quality early childhood education, while the results of that research will help SSEL advocate for Ohio’s children and create policy changes that will make it possible for every child to have holistic, high-quality early education.

South Side Early Learning was founded because the children in the community needed our help. It’s now time for SSEL to use what we’ve learned over the last 100 years to help lead Ohio’s high-quality early education field into the next century.