We Changed Our Name. Here’s Why.

South Side Learning & Development Center is now…

South Side Early Learning Logo FULL COLOR Transparent.png

South Side Early Learning

Since 1922 we’ve worked passionately to assure every young child has the opportunity to benefit from high-quality early education. We are committed to being a leader in the partnerships, best practices and performance that maximizes the most critical years.

Last spring, we worked with MBA students from Otterbein to assess our brand to best position ourselves with our stakeholders and community. Working from the recommendations presented from that work, we are proud to reveal our new brand. The new logo is a celebration of all that we do. Celebrating our move to the Reeb Avenue Center in 2015, we incorporated the “yellow house” you will see frequently around our school. The children of every age, color and gender symbolize those we serve every day. 

By changing our name and refreshing our brand, we are fully embracing what we’ve always been: a champion for early learning on Columbus’ South Side. As we continue to work to promote early learning for all children, we are proud to reflect back on all that we have achieved.

For the good of South Side,

Colin McGinnis
Executive Director